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Russian Honey Bees and Nucs

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About Us

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Queen bees surrounded by worker bees in hive

D & M Russian Apiaries is located in Hayesville and Murphy, NC. We are producers of Russian mated queens and Russian nucleus hives. Our queens can be shipped anywhere in the US, but nucs cannot be sent through the mail.

We do NOT use chemicals or treatments including antibiotics, pesticides or herbicides. We are not a registered member of the Russian Honeybee Breeders Association (RHBA), but we still manage all our yards in accordance with the RHBA standards and hold them in highest regard.

Each year we continue to cycle stock from other certified members of the RHBA. Our original Russian bee stock was obtained from Mr. Ray Revis of Marion, NC who is a charter member of the RHBA.

Additional queens from other RHBA members are sourced in our brood yard to enhance our Russian honey bee genetics.

We provide pure, raw local untreated honey straight from the bees directly to you. 

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